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  Alstyle Apparel History

In 1976, A&G, Inc. started its own line of T-shirts under the Murina label. subcontracting the manufacturing process of those garments in Alabama and North Carolina.

In 1993, A&G, Inc. took a decisive step in the control of its own destiny and began manufacturing the Murina label in-house. This was accomplished by the formation of Alstyle Apparel & Activewear Manufacturing Co., Inc. 

Alstyle Apparel was initially based in Orange County, California where their totally vertical, state-of-the-art facilities produces their very popular AAA label T-Shirts as well as many private label garments for national brands like Adidas  & Nike.

In April 1999, Alstyle Apparel/A&G, Inc. consolidated several of their California facilities into one location, under their "Single Roof Project". The new site in Anaheim, California was designed to integrate the operations from several locations into a single state-of-the-art facility greatly expanding their USA production. Also need for additional East Coast distribution facilities led to the opening of Alstyle Apparel/A&G Inc. Atlanta.  Although the majority of production is now in Mexico, the Murina label is still produced in the USA.

When the opportunity arose, Alstyle acquired Tennessee River Apparel, kept the famous label but moved production to Mexico.

They began exploring the Canadian market in January 2001. A potential marketing opportunity was identified at which time Alstyle Apparel opened its doors in a new Canadian distribution facility.

Between 2001 and 2003, Alstyle Apparel continued to expand their distribution facilities over the mid-western and eastern states opening Corporate distribution centres in Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia. Recently they opened a facility in Orlando.

In June 2004, Alstyle Apparel merged with Ennis Inc. (formerly Ennis Business Form Inc), a manufacturer of paper products and business forms to create a full service provider of printed business products and promotional apparel.  The buyout cost $242 Million.  Investors seem to approve of the marriage as the stock value rose from $15 (US) to $21 (US) since the merge.

In 2009, they opened a state of the art 800,000 square foot plant in Agua Prieta, Mexico.  The plant costing $40 Million employs 2,500 workers.  The facility utilizes natural gas & energy efficient equipment to minimize the envirnomental impact.  All oils, grease & packing materials are recyced.  As well, all yarn, cotton & scrap material is used in aftermarket applications.  Products made in this plant are comprised of US cotton.

Knitting, dyeing, finishing, cut & sew are all done under one roof. Modular Manufacturing flexibility allows fast change implementation to the product line. Alstyle also have plants in Ensenada and Hermosillo Mexico.  Alstyle still Import some products from India, Pakistan or El Salvador, namely the 1Zees and the Heather Mixes. Fleece products are imported from China.  Otherwise the entire product line is NAFTA friendly. 

In 2010, Alstyle introduced the revolutionary tear-away tag, which was the perfect solution for small runs of private label garments.  Instead of cutting out the existing label, embellishers were able to simply 'rip' out the tag with their fingers.