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Delta Apparel History

Delta has been a public company since July 2000 when they manufactured blank unembellished basic T-Shirts. Since then, the company diversified and made seven key acquisitions, adding well-recognized brands and licensed properties..

 Today Delta Apparel, Inc. specializes in the design, merchandising, sales, and marketing of a variety of lifestyle branded activewear for men, women, juniors, youth and children at a wide range of price points.

Their products are sold in all distribution tiers and store types, including specialty and department stores and mass chains. They also sell to college bookstores, the U.S. military and independent screen printers.

Through Art Gun, they also provide shoppers a “virtual art studio” to create customized graphics on apparel products.  The company believes their direct-to-consumer business is a key growth area.

Other acquisitions include,, , and  In August 2013, Delta also acquired Salt Life Brand, whose line appeals to ocean enthusiasts worldwide.  Delta believes their diversified distribution allows them to capitalize on their strengths to provide casual activewear and headwear to consumers purchasing from all types of retailers.

Delta designs and internally manufactures the majority of their products, which allows them to offer a high degree of consistency and quality controls as well as leverage scale efficiencies. One of their strengths is the speed in which they can reach the market from design to delivery. 

Delta has manufacturing operations located in the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico, and use domestic and foreign contractors as additional sources of production.

The fact that Delta is involved in all aspects of the supply chain means that they have a more direct link to consumers than most manufacturers and can quickly address their constantly changing tastes, easily ramping up production for new colours and styles. 

All products shipped into Canada are Made in Mexico and therefore NAFTA friendly.