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    Frank Fehr & Company

In 1857 Henry Fehr, born in Eglisau, Switzerland, set up at 12 Mark Lane, London as Henry Fehr & Co., trading in Tallow. As the Tallow business grew, so did Henry Fehr, and in 1873 they were at 36 Mark Lane trading in Tallow and Spices.

In 1887 Frank Fehr joined his father and in 1895 took charge of the business when Henry retired through ill health. In the following years partnerships were formed and resolved and new products added. In 1909 the firm was also trading in Vegetable Oilseeds, Oils and later in Rubber and Raw Cocoa. At the outbreak of the First World War the staff numbered 300.

By 1919 branch offices existed in Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, and overseas
in New York, Alexandria, Singapore, Sidney and Amsterdam.

In 1924 the then existing partnership dissolved and Frank set up on his own as Frank Fehr & Co.

During the Second World War, Frank Fehr’s Sons Basil and Keith joined the forces with many other members of the firm. After the war, realizing Britain had to increase exports, new departments were set up in Textiles, Hardware and General Goods.

In 1949 a new partnership was formed under the name Fehr Bros. Inc., New York.

In 1954 Keith Fehr, only 36 years old, died from an old wound received in France on D-Day minus one and in 1957 Frank Fehr & Co. became limited. Plans for development continued and new offices were opened in Hong Kong and in 1962 in Vancouver.

After a major re-organization in the early 90’s only three companies survived. Richard Fehr, Basil’s son, started Fehr Trading in London, Fehr Bros are now Fehr Bros. Industries Inc. in Saugerties, N.Y. and in Vancouver Frank Fehr & Co. (Canada) Ltd. has been upholding for the last 42 years the tradition of the venerable parent company.