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Wholesale catalogue Los Angeles Apparel
by Dov Charney
Rabbit Skins American apparel Clearance



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29 Jerzees Adult
Heavy 50/50 Tee 9oz
601 Jerzees Adult Tri-Blend
T-Shirt 7.5oz
659 Russell Adult Mesh
Workout Team Cut Shorts
900 King Adult SuperWeight
T-Shirt 10.5oz
901 King Adult SuperWeight Long Sleeve T-Shirt 10.5oz
902 King Adult SuperWeight
L/S Mock Neck 10.5oz
903 King Adult SuperWeight
Sleeveless T-Shirt 10.5oz
911 King Adult SuperWeight
Ringer T-Shirt 10.5oz
915 King Adult SuperWeight
Tank Top 10.5oz
934 King Adult SuperWeight
3/4 Sleeve Baseball T 10.5oz
1132 King Adult Interlock
Long Sleeve Mock Turtle 12oz
1135 King Adult Interlock
Long Sleeve Turtleneck 12oz
1201 King Adult SuperWeight Henley T-Shirt 10.5oz
1202 King Adult SuperWeight
Henley Long Sleeve T 10.5oz
1203 King Adult SuperWeight
2-Pkt Athletic Shorts 10.5oz
1204 King Adult SuperWeight
No Pkts Athletic Shorts 10.5oz
1301 Alstyle Adult
Short Sleeve T-Shirt 10oz
1302 Alstyle Adult
Big Tee 10oz
1304 Alstyle Adult
Long Sleeve T-Shirt 10oz
1305 Alstyle Adult
Pocket T-Shirt 10oz
1307 Alstyle Adult
Tank Top 10oz
1308 Alstyle Adult
Muscle Tee 10oz
1309 Alstyle Adult
Ringer T-Shirt 10oz
1334 Alstyle Adult
3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee 10oz
1403 AA Unisex Thick-Knit
Baseball Jersey
1701 Alstyle Adult
Soft-Spun T-Shirt 9oz
1901 Alstyle Adult
Heavy Tee 8.65oz
2001 AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Short Sleeve T-Shirt
2007 AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Long Sleeve T-Shirt
2011 AA Unisex Jersey
Power Washed T-Shirt
2017 LA Apparel Unisex Heavy Crew Neck Tee
2406 AA Adult Fine Jersey
Pocket T-Shirt
2408 AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Tank Top
2410 AA Adult Fine Jersey
Ringer T-Shirt
2411 AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Power Washed Tank
2456 AA Unisex Fine Jersey
V-Neck T-Shirt
3900 Fruit Adult HEAVY
Short Sleeve T-Shirt 8.25oz
4900 Fruit Adult HEAVY
Long Sleeve T-Shirt 8.25oz
5300 Alstyle Adult
Ringspun Fitted V-Neck T 7oz
5301 Alstyle Adult
Ringspun Fitted Tee 7oz
5304 Alstyle Adult
Ringspun Fitted L/S Tee 7oz
5307 Alstyle Adult
Ringspun Fitted Tank 7oz
6401 AA Unisex Sheer Jersey
Summer T-Shirt
6456 AA Unisex Sheer Jersey
Deep V-Neck T-Shirt
20001 LA Apparel (2001) Unisex Jersey T-Shirt
20007 LA Apparel (2007) Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt
20020 LA Apparel Unisex Fine Jersey Power Wash Tee
24056 LA Apparel (2456) Fine Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt
24321 AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Classic V-Neck T-Shirt
49200 Fruit Adult LOFTEEZ
Long Sleeve T-Shirt 10oz
1801GD LA Apparel Garment Dye T-Shirt
1807GD LA Apparel Garment Dye Long Sleeve Tee
20001TW LA Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Tee
20007TW LA Apparel Fine Jersey Long Sleeve
2001TL AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Short Sleeve Tall Tee
2408TL AA Unisex Fine Jersey
Tall Tank
29T Jerzees Adult
Heavy 50/50 Tall Tee 9oz
3900P Fruit Adult HEAVY Pocket Tee 8.25oz
3900TX Fruit Adult HEAVY
Short Sleeve Tall T 8.25oz
39V00 Fruit Adult HEAVY
V-Neck T-Shirt 8.25oz
64STTM Russell Adult Essential Tee
BB401 AA Unisex Poly-Cotton
Short Sleeve T-Shirt
BB408 AA Unisex Poly-Cotton
Tank Top
BB410 AA Unisex Poly-Cotton
Ringer T-Shirt
BB453 AA Unisex Poly-Cotton
3/4 Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt
C3000 TMT Adult
Camouflage T-Shirt 10oz
DA2727 Fruit Adult
Garment Dyed T-Shirt 6oz
FF01 LA Apparel (BB401)
Poly-Cotton Crewneck Tee
FF53 LA Apparel (BB453)
3/4 Sleeve Raglan
HD600 Fruit Adult LOFTEEZ
HD Short Sleeve T-Shirt 10oz
MT01 LA Apparel Mock Twist Crew Neck Tee
RSA2402 AA Unisex Jersey
Zip Hoody
RSA2426 AA Unisex Fine Jersey Power Washed L/S T
RSABB4237 AA Unisex Poly-
Cotton Raglan T-Shirt
SF4500 Fruit Adult SofSpun
Fitted T-Shirt 7.8oz
SFV00 Fruit Adult SofSpun
Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt 7.8oz
TL20001 LA Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve Tall Tee
TR01 LA Apparel (TR401)
Tri-Blend Tee
TR08 LA Apparel (TR408)
Tri-Blend Tank Top
TR401 AA Unisex Tri-Blend
Track Shirt
TR408 AA Adult Tri-Blend
Tank Top
TR456 AA Unisex Tri-Blend
Deep V-Neck T-Shirt
TR461 AA Unisex Tri-Blend
V-Neck T-Shirt
TR61 LA Apparel (TR461) Unisex Tri Blend V-Neck Tee